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International Skills INC. will never let go of hope. This is our mantra. We believe that hope is what we are giving each one
of our clients. One day we will all (staff and volunteers of IS, clients, parents, children, men,
women, and families in our communities) see that it has come together. What we had wished for has
finally come to be. That dream...that big dream is now a source of accomplishment that we all
can be proud of. The model we use to make the dream come alive will one day be used
throughout the community. We will look back laugh a little, smile a little, be grateful, and
sometimes wonder how we got through it all.

As we go about continuing to serve our clients we will also be involved in continuous
improvements to our programs and curriculums. We will listen, review, and expand. Our
business plan will grow as we improve our efforts through strategy and marketing. Our model for
support and growth will include a learning approach where mentees and mentors will grow from
the match. And, because we know all of this is a constant evolution, we will include the
development of a Succession Plan.

Our overall goal is to positively impact the communities within by empowering its families.

Our Mission

Our Mission

We are committed to education, enriching, and developing the growth of individuals, families,
and couples regardless of their race or religion. We will continually strive to address the
epidemic of broken individuals, households, families, and children. We hope to carry the
message that healthy families and healthy individuals make up the family. We want
communities of healthy people all helping each other to become strong and remain strong. We
want to become the bridge from unhealthy to healthy; from unhappy to happy; from poverty to
potential; we want to transform the future.


Our Vision

Educate, enrich, and develop the growth of individuals, families, and couples regardless of their
race or religion. Develop educational, spiritual’ and social assistance programs so that we can
be instrumental in producing healthy people, marriages, families and, children in society today.
The organization will strive to overcome the “epidemic” destroying our communities.

We Need Your Support Today!

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